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What is the most important for RV Cover

May 31, 2022

RV cover protects interior and exterior of RV from damage of UV rays, acid rain, snow, dust, bird dropping, debris from trees and plants and other potential damages when we don't use our RV.  Consumers' demands for RV covers are: first-good protection. Second-easy installation. Third- durability, price and safety. 


But what is most important for RV cover? Fabric, definitely. No matter travel trailer covers or fifth wheel trailer covers or camper trailer covers in USA or caravan covers in Europe and Australia, fabric is the most important factor for the protective cover.


Currently there are 3 types of fabrics for RV cover: polypropylene(non-woven), polyester, tyvek. All fabrics need to be treated with anti-UV, anti-water for a long service time. Below please see features of different fabric:


Fabric Advantage Disadvantage Warranty
Polypropylene/non-woven Breathable, water resistant light weight, environment friendly, lower cost Easy to degrade, not durable enough 1 year in US and Australia, 2 years in Europe
Polyester Better performance in Anti-UV, anti-tear, water resistant, durable A little heavier, not so breathable 2 years
Tyvek Good UV resistant, light weight but durable, waterproof but breathable

High cost


2 years


Cover Queen Ltd knows that the fabric is the most important factor for RV covers, and always focus on the improvement of the fabric.  We produce the non-woven fabric by ourselves to make sure the quality. Our quality standards on non-woven fabric are better than existing market standards, reflected in better tensile, tear resistance and UV resistance.  For polyester fabric, we only choose high density 300D polyester, make sure the anti-UV to be SPF 50+. All our improvement is to ensure the longest service time.


If you have any trouble with the fabric, welcome to email discuss with us: 

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