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Is it a good idea to cover your RV?

Aug 01, 2022

From the supplier's understanding of the RV cover, if you don't invest in RV carport, the answer will be YES! Because a good RV cover will protect your investment from damages from nature elements. 


1, From UV rays damage. Constant exposure to sunlight and UV rays will not only damage the exterior materials of the RV, especially the roof, but also shorten the service life of the interior furnitures. A good cover is UV resistant, like a glove, keeps good exterior and interior of your investment. 

2, From snow and ice damage. RV usually will be stored in autumn and winter. RV owners living in the north have to think hard about snow. Just a few inches can do a lot of damage to the RV. It is even more of a problem if we do a few quick thaw/freeze cycles during the season. With the RV covers, the snow and ice will be kept out the RV. Don't forget to protect the tires also in winter.

3, From wind damage. Wind, especially strong winds can carry grits, leaves and others to scratch the RV's exterior. Almost every of our covers have extra straps to keep the cover on the RV. So you don't have to worry about the wind damage any more.

4, Other nature damages like acid rain, mold and so on.


A good RV cover can keep our investment safe, clean and in good condition. As a manufacturer of RV cover, we only produce high quality covers of caravan, travel trailer, camper, fifth wheel trailer, motorhome for all consumers in the world. All our covers are UV resistant, water resistant, breathable and have a long service time. If you have an interst, feel free to let us know.


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