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Why Choose Cover Queen's RV Covers?

Aug 14, 2022

B2B decision making is complex and the process is long, especially when it comes to RV supplier considerations and selections. So why choose Cover Queen's RV Covers? 


1, Queen Cover LTD is professional and experienced in RV cover manufacturing.

  • We've produced millions of RV covers and supplied to all over the world.  No matter of the RV model, we have the right cover.
  • We have a professional team, both in production and customer service.
  • We offer a best solution according to different market specifications. We also provide OEM, and ODM service with product warranty.


2, Queen Cover LTD offers an effective supply chain.

  • More than 90 experienced workers. Using assembly line production, each worker is familiar enough with his own process, which improves the production capacity. 
  • Production capacity per month is 8000 pcs.
  • Delivery time is within 45 days. Urgent orders can be expedited.
  • We always keep a production capacity for our customers.


3, All products are guaranteed.

  • Well know quality requests and fabric standards of RV covers in different market. Not only covers, we also produce fabric to ensure quality.
  • All products are provided with warranty.


4, Providing customers with the best prices.

  • Reducing production cost by improving production efficiency.
  • Using vacuum packing to reduce shipping cost


Cover Queen Ltd is not only a manufacturer and supplier of RV covers and caravan covers, we can also produce other big covers like tank covers, horse trailer covers, glider trailer covers and so on. 

We cherish every order and every customer. Once choosing us, you will trust us forever. Looking forward to meeting you and establishing long-term cooperation. 



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