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Do Caravan Covers Cause Damage to Vehicles?

Aug 17, 2022

It is possible to cause some damage to the caravan if the cover is not chosen properly. 


1, If the cover fabric is not breathable, the damp will be kept in the caravan, also causes mildew. 

2, If the cover fabric is not soft enough, it may scratch the paint of the vehicle. 

3, If price of caravan cover is too cheap, the color fastness of the fabric is certainly not good, it's possible that the color on the fabric transfers to the body of the vehicle.


How to choose correct cover for your caravan?


1, Fabric choice: If living in Europe, we would recommend non-woven fabric, which is breathable, water resistant and soft, it is almost the best choice.

If living in Australia, we would recommend caravan covers made of polyester and non-woven. Polyester is durable, good at UV resistant, while non-woven is breathable and water resistant. Both fabrics are soft.


2, Check details of the cover,  zippers(more convenient with more zippers), air vents, elastic rope and reinforcement at the bottom parts usually are necessary. 


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