Can camper be left outside?

Aug 23, 2022

Don't recommend to leave your camper outside for a long time without any protection. Reasons are below:


1, Long-time exposure to sunlight can accelerate the aging of surfaces and upholstery of the camper.

2, Rain, ice and snow will also accelerate the aging of the camper's exterior.

3, Sand and leaves can stratch the paint, and bird dropping will make the exterior dirty.

4, Cleaning a camper is not an easy job.


We would suggest building a carport and using camper covers to better protect the campers. If without a condition to build a carport, a camper cover is definitely needed. A good camper cover breathes and well protects the camper from  sun, acid rain, ice, snow, sand and industrial pollution. In addition, a good/high quality camper cover can be used for a long time. Cover Queen Ltd manufacturers and supplies the best camper and RV Covers for different markets with more than 10 years experience. All our items are quality ensured. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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