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Quantity of RV Protective Covers Needed by Different Markets

Jul 07, 2022

The global RV market roughly consists of three parts: one is the North American market(the United States and Canada), the second is the European market, and the third is the Australian and New Zealand market. 

There are about 20 million RVs worldwide.  In USA, 11.2 million households own an RV in 2021. In Europe RV quantity is about 6.16 million. In Australian and New Zealand, the rough quantity is about 0.88 million. (Data from RVIA and ECF) 

Due to difference of climate and consumption habit, the annual demands of RV covers in different markets are different. In the United States, the annual demand for RV cover is about 3% of the total RV quantity, it means that about 300,000 pcs covers are needed by the market. In Australia and New Zealand, the annual demand for RV covers is approximately 4%-5%, it means that at least 35,200 pcs are needed each year. In Europe, the annual RV cover demand is about 1.5% of the total RV qty, so the RV covers needed is about 92,400 each year.

According to the climate characteristics and consumption habits in different markets, we have designed covers of different fabric conbinations based on more than 10 years of experience. We have different levels travel trailer protective covers, fifth wheel trailer covers, motorhome protective covers, polyester and tyvek caravan covers, van covers and so on. With us--Cover Queen LTD, you will always be supported by good quality and fast supply chain. 

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