Types of RV

Sep 01, 2022

Recreational vehicles are popular in many countries for traveling and camping outside.


There are many types of RV in the world. 


1, Travel Trailer

The most popular in USA and Canada, ideal for folks who wish to take the comforts of home with them on road. Without an engine and needs a powerful car to pull on front. Less expensive than fifth wheel trailer and motorhome, ideal choice for most family.



2, Motorhome Class A

Like a big bus travelling on road. The first and most costly classification. Class A motorhome are incredibly roomy and will give the ideal traveling experience.  Especially good for people living in RV for a long time. Mostly be seen in USA. 



3, Motorhome Class B

Smaller and less expensive than Class A motorhome. Looks like van, and it is often constructed with van as the general frame. 



4, Motorhome Class C

Class C is far more suitable for family use than a Class B vehicle. Larger than Class B, and more usable space in the RV's living area, making it more confortable. Often be seen in USA and Europe.



5, Fifth Wheel Trailer

Without an engine and needs to be pulled by truck. It is made to dangle over the top of the truck bed. Usually larger and more expensive than travel trailer, but more safe because the link to the hitch is very secure. Popular in USA.



6, Caravan

Popular in Europe and Australia. Similar as travel trailer but smaller. Without an engine and needs a car on front to pull it. 



7, Folding(Pop-Up) Camper Trailer

One of the most cost-effective choice for traveling and camping outside. Much smaller than caravan but the top and both sides can be pulled out for living space.



8, Toy Hauler/Sports Utility RV Trailer

Helps transport  ATVs, snowmobiles or other sorts of vehicles for folks who enjoying bringing them on vacation. Usually be seen in USA.



Consumers' demands for RV are not the same.  In USA, consumers would prefer large living space but in Europe and Australia, the size of RV are smaller. For different types of RV, not only the size, but also shapes are not the same. Cover Queen LTD specializes in the production of RV covers for different markets all over the world. And we are committed to protecting consumers' RV with the best materials. We are looking forward to meeting and discussing with you for the covers you need. 









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