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Anti-UV performance test results of our fabric-polypropylene/non-woven

Jul 19, 2022

Non-woven/polypropylene is widely used in production of RV covers. In US market, about 80% RV covers are made of non-woven. In European market, at least 95% caravan covers and other types RV covers are made of non-woven. In Australia, almost every caravan cover or camper trailer cover is made of non-woven. As consumers expect the cover last at least two years in outdoor condition, the quality of the cover and non-woven fabric will be very high.


As an experienced RV cover manufacturer/factory in China, we pay a lot of attention to fabric quality and try everything to improve it. According to the aging characteristics of non-woven fabric on the market, we specially made improvements in the tensile strength and UV resistance. 


Below is the test and test results of anti-UV performance of non-woven fabric produced by our factory in April.

Test method: divide a piece of fabric into two parts: one for UV testing and the other for testing original tensile strength of the fabric. Fabric width for testing: 5 cm. 

Test strandards:  AATCC186-2015, Option3-Fluorescent UV Lamp

Duration of 1 cycle: 8 hrs UV exposure followed by 4 hrs condensation

Total duration of test: 480 hours.

Test results: after 480 hours UV exposure, the tensile strength of our non-woven fabric is more than 90% of the original tensile strength. It proves and ensures the service life of our non-woven fabric.


Serial No. Data from Test Equipment Average Fabric Condition
1 Weft/Width: 16.16 kgf Weft/Width: 16.552 kgf After 480 hours UV exposure
2 Weft/Width: 16.944 kgf
3 Weft/Width: 16.472 kgf Weft/Width: 16.711 kgf Original
4 Weft/Width: 16.95 kgf
5 Warp/Length: 23.286 kgf Warp/Length: 23.873 kgf After 480 hours UV exposure
6 Warp/Length:24.46 kgf
7 Warp/Length: 26.396 kgf Warp/Length: 26.323 kgf Original
8 Warp/Length: 26.25 kgf


Photos of test equipment and test results: 


                UV Test Equipment                                          Tensile Strength Test Equipment            



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