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How do we guarrantee quality of RV covers?

Jul 01, 2022

Generally speaking, RV covers are larger than other covers for seden or SUV, especially the Fifth Wheel Trailer covers, Motorhome Class A covers, some travel trailer covers which used in the USA. So there's a lot more fabric, a lot more stitching and a lot more details in the RV covers. It is really not easy to control good quality all the time.


How do we guarrantee our quality to meet high standards of our customers and consumers? 


First: well control the fabric quality. If the quality of the fabric can not be guarranteed, the quality of the RV covers is impossible to speak of.  For the widely used non-woven/polypropylene fabric, we have investigated and compared a lot produced by different manufacturers on the market and improved UV resistance and fabric strength according to the characteristics of non-woven fabric easy to aging. Now non-woven fabric produced by us, which is soft, strong, anti-tear, and its service life is at least 1-2 year in US market(depending on different areas) and 2 years in European market. Polyester fabric, which is used for harsh conditions, our UV resistant and waterproof standards require the best from suppliers. Warranty of our polyester series caravan covers and other camper trailer covers is more than 2 years for Australian market. In additon, every batch of fabric will be tested in our own lab in the fabric strength and UV resistance.


Second, precise control of cover dimensions. With high quality fabric, we need to cut fabric before sewing. Computer cutting bed ensures the correct styles/models and sizes.


Third, Sewing. All covers are double stitched to make sure all details or corners to be sewed strong enough. All the covers are produced by assembly line, and each worker is only responsible for part of the cover to ensure quality and efficiency. Sampling inspection will be carried out in the production process and full inspection will be carried out after the completion of production. 


Choosing us, you will always be rest assured.


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